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A coffee .. all cream and taste .. with mint.

10 Ago

A coffee .. all cream and taste .. with mint

A coffee .. all cream and taste .. with mint.

Historical recipe linked to Francesco Pedrocchi, but above all to his son Antonio, who in 1826 designed a coffee roasting including stirring that became the meeting place of the intellectuals of the time.

On top of an espresso base the cream, milk and a sprinkling of cocoa are laid, but the particularity (which goes back to an intellectual vein of aesthetic recognition) is the use of mint syrup to evoke the colors of Caffè Pedrocchi.

To create the cream to add to the coffee, it is advisable to add the syrup, milk and cream and emulsify with a shaker until the mixture is well aerated.


First of all mountain 50 g of cream with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Then mix the remaining sugar with 2 tablespoons of bitter cocoa powder and 5 tablespoons of cold milk.
The milk is cooked with the freshly prepared mixture and the mixture is mixed with 200 g of boiling coffee along with 3 tablespoons of mint syrup.
Then the cream is gradually added without mixing.
To beautify, pour the mint syrup over the cream along with mint and cocoa powder .


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