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26 Feb

Be Comics

Comics, games, cosplay and pop culture will be the protagonists of Be Comics !, the international festival that will animate the streets, squares and historic palaces of Padua, the cultural heart of the Northeast from 23rd to 25th March. The event, organized by the City of Padua – Culture, Tourism, Museums and Libraries with the cultural project of Arcadia Arte, will offer a wide range of events designed for the public of all ages.

The program of the exhibitions was designed both for an audience attentive to new trends in comics, and for visitors interested in deepening or rediscovering themes and protagonists that have marked the history of animation. The spirit is to bring the viewer to the discovery of new protagonists of the contemporary scene while keeping alive the interest in the past and its masters.

Also in this edition of Be Comics Padova there will be no shortage of exhibitions dedicated to comics. The Cultural Center Altinate San Gaetano will be the privileged location in which works by some of the best known Italian cartoonists and innovative proposals from the world of ninth art, comics & games and pop culture in general will be exhibited, but not only the Altinate center!

Manara Fantasioni. (From 10 to 25 March at the Cultural Center Altinate San Gaetano)

Milo Manara, known throughout the world for her erotic drawings, has also faced the world of fantasy and science fiction over the course of her long career. At Be Comics over 40 tables ranging from the dystopic speculation of Fone to the surreal pastiche of Giuseppe Bergman, and from the reimagination of Barbarella to the themes of genetic manipulation in Escape from Piranesi, up to the homages to Star Wars offer an original key to the work of Manara.

From Horror to MarvelVision. (From Saturday 10 to Sunday 25 March at the Cultural Center Altinate San Gaetano)

A very undoubtedly awaited exhibition, by all the fans and a point of pride for the organizers. For the first time in Italy, an exhibition dedicated to Gabriel Walta, one of the most popular designers on the American scene of the 2000s, from horror to hits Marvel and guest of Be Comics. On show a selection of over 40 plates, sketches and paintings that span his career started in Spain, with personal projects and in team with the writer El Torres, and gained in the United States in the works for the great names of literary horror (Clive Barker, RL Stine) and comics (Vertigo, IDW). His great flexibility in design, linked to traditional techniques such as nibs, watercolors or acrylics, has projected him among the top Marvel artists, first for the X-Men and then on the award-winning series Vision, until the recent revival of Dr. Strange.

Fantastic females. (From Saturday 10 to Sunday 25 March at the Cultural Center Altinate San Gaetano)

Among the major talents of the European comic strip, and author of the official manifesto of the event, Manuele Fior has often put decisive, complex and singular women at the center of her comics. To them Be Comics! dedicates an exhibition that presents, for the first time, a journey around the female figure in the work of Fior, through 60 works including original tables, illustrations, color studies and sketches. Lucia, Else, Dora, the protagonists of three of his most important graphic novels, are ordinary people but “who rotate things, impress movement” and whose ordinariness can coexist even with extraordinary gifts, on the borders of fantasy. An exclusive preview, the exhibition will also show some tables from the author’s next graphic novel, Celestia.

Roboto – Steel giants. (From Friday 23 to Sunday 25 March at the Cultural Center Altinate San Gaetano)

If Mazinga and Jeeg Robot have all just over 40 years from the beginning in Japan, their memory now coincides with a piece of history of pop culture. A special exhibition celebrates the imagination and technical ability of the creators of the greatest “super robots” on television, with a selection of precious original cels – acetate sheets used by animation designers – dedicated to series such as Daitarn 3, Gundam, Daltanius, Voltus 5 and accompanied by action figures of particular value and rarity. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Nemo Academy of Florence

The return of “Il corvo”. (From Saturday 10 to Sunday 25 March at the Cultural Center Altinate San Gaetano)

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of creation, Il Corvo, the dark icon of the 90s, personification of revenge, returns to the scene with new stories, created and set in Italy, for an unprecedented international co-production between BD Editions and IDW Publishing. The exhibition will feature an exclusive preview for Be Comics !, original plates, preparatory drawings and covers signed by Werther dell’Edera and Matteo Scalera, graphic interpreters of the myth created by James O’Barr.

Mercurio Loi Cover Art. (From Saturday 10 to Sunday 25 March at the Cultural Center Altinate San Gaetano)

The sketches and all the original designs of the covers made by Manuele Fior for the Mercurio Loi series, published by Sergio Bonelli Editore. Set in Rome in the early nineteenth century, the series stages the adventures of a curious by profession, an intellectual with extraordinary talent that moves in a maze of mysteries, intrigues and events – only in appearance – of ordinary urban life. In its sleek and elegant covers, Fior manages to give shape to the seductive feuilleton of the creator Alessandro Bilotta, in a combination that has surprised critics and audiences for the original intensity of the story. The exhibition will be accompanied by a dialogue between Bilotta and Fior, for the first time compared to the themes and style of Mercury.

La Crepa. (From Saturday 10 to Sunday 25 March at the Cultural Center Altinate San Gaetano)

From one of the most powerful and exciting books of 2017, the work of the photographer Carlos Spottorno – winner of a World Press Photo Award – and of the journalist Guillermo Abril, an exhibition that presents some shots and the original graphic treatment of the images for the creation of La Crepa. A story of what happens at the borders of the European Union, between journeys of hope, extreme gestures of welcome but also racism and political cynicism, all made with an innovative language on the border between photo-reportage, photo-novel and graphic novel

Small Stories of animals and other colors. (From Saturday 10 to Sunday 25 March at the botanical garden-biodiversity garden)

The Italian cartoonist most nominated for the prestigious Eisner Awards, Federico Bertolucci, presents in an exhibition his work for children best known and translated abroad. The Little Stories is a series, published in Italy by Renoir Comics, which tells the discovery of nature, explored by a squirrel and a dog that travel the world, on a cardboard airplane or in a portable submarine, traveling between the places where they live the animals. On display will be visible original and digital materials, studies and finished tables, which shows all the technical skill and expressive grace that has made Bertolucci one of the most popular designers and colorists for children’s publishing. In addition, there will be an exclusive preview of some tables from the new Brindille, out in 2018. (Free entry with Botanical Garden ticket)

Epos + Brodowsky. (From Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th March at Radio Sherwood)

At Radio Sherwood in Pontecorvo alley, Be Comics! presents exclusively the first plates from the new graphic novel by Marco Galli for the Stigma label, of which the book is the first publication, scheduled for April 2018. Èpos tells of an ordinary man whose world is upset by an unspecified catastrophe. A post-apocalyptic and metaphysical noir that speaks of a society incapable of reacting or, perhaps, of a mistake: our society has already been passed off for some time? With essential black brush strokes, Galli presents his “light line” in shades of gray. The exhibition will also show pages taken from The Incredible Adventures of Brodowsky, a short history of science fiction (in color), which staged a comic book read by the characters of Èpos. A futuristic and painful diptych, the first step for a brand that announces itself among the most interesting editorial novelties of 2018.

Treasure Chest, Tribute for Akyra Toriyama. (From Saturday 10 to Sunday 25 March at the Banzai Library)

The fantastic worlds and comedies of Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump, have marked generations of viewers and readers all over the world. In Italy, where his souls have arrived since 1983, and the manga since 1995, Toriyama does not stop inspiring writers and designers, to the point that 31 authors have created a special comic strip tribute. Treasure Chest presents a selection of pages from the twenty-one stories that make up the homonymous anthology published by DayJob Studio. Presented by a text by LRNZ, the exhibition is a journey through action, the carefree atmospheres and inventions of a protagonist of the imaginary.

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