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Catering & services

Close to Cesare Battisti street

“La Roccia” restaurant and pub, Cesare Battisti street, num. 158
Great food for good prices. Rustic rooms: a real british pub with a wide choice of beers and food. Special discounts for students. This pub is also good if you want to watch football matches, both national and international.
Open everyday.
Tel. +39 049 8755535

Osteria “Osteria Ai Scarponi”, Cesare Battisti street, num. 138
A small but warm and intimate diner, specialised in serving the characteristic food and wines of our region, such as homemade pasta and high quality wine coming from the nearby hills. They make special dishes such as gnocchi with tomatoes and mint, mojito chicken, clams, grilled vegetables, and fantastic desserts.
This place also organises various events during the year: exhibitions, small concerts, meetings with writers and so on.
Closed on Tuesday and on Saturday at lunchtime.
Tel. +39 049 8171285

Bar “ “Da Bruno” bar, Cesare Battisti street, num. 217
Great for breaks and for quick meals as well. High quality food for cheap prices.
Generous portions always served on a salad bed with ham and soft cheese. The owner, Bruno, is a fun and friendly person who will make you feel at ease with jokes and hospitality.
Closed on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday.
Tel. +39 049 8900800

“Nane della Giulia” Santa Sofia street, num. 1
One of the most famous (and classic) restaurants in Padua: it first opened in 1870. The restaurant is in a old factory, close to a medieval court.
They mostly serve traditional dishes, such as “pasta e fasoi” (pasta with beans), salad with apples, ham with cheese and nuts, fusilli with carrots and almonds, rice with chili and red beans, venetian chicken, horse and donkey meat, and desserts with cinnamon and apples, but they also have vegan and vegetarian recipes.
Closed on monday.
Tel. +39 049 660742


Close to the Hospital

“Ariston” restaurant, Falloppio street, num. 73
They offer a great choice of dishes with generous portions. They also make pizza.
Homemade pasta and desserts. The owners will happily find the best alternative if you’re intolerant to some ingredient.
Closed on Saturday.
Tel. +39 049 8761453

Close to Pontecorvo and San Francesco Street

“Nero di Seppia” café and restaurant, San Francesco street, num. 161
A modern place in which you can both stop by for a quick snack or for lunch or dinner.
This restaurant is famous for their fried food: their fried pumpkin flowers, polenta, fish and asparagus are very appreciated.
They also give themed cooking lessons and organise the Happy Hour every Thursday from 6:30 PM to 10 PM.
Closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Tel. +39 049 8364049

“Al Ricordo” restaurant, San Francesco street, num. 175
It’s a typical venetian restaurant; they only use fresh and seasonal food.
Good prices for great food, such as codfish croutons, “sarde in saor” (sardines with onions), donkey with gravy, and polenta.
Closed on Tuesday.
Tel. +39 049 6607733

“Chef Chadi” take away, San Francesco street, num. 214
Traditional oriental and mediterranean cuisine. Perfect for people with food intolerances as well.
Open every day: mon-thur from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM, fri-sun from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Tel. +39 049 8757496

“Donna Irene” Wine shop and restaurant, Viale Pontecorvo 1
This is an elegant restaurant with sicilian cuisine; they have a vast choice of wines. They have a private garden with a small creek, palm trees and beach umbrellas. We suggest to try pumpkin flowers with ricotta and vegetables, linguine with tuna or tagliatelle with rabbit ragù and thyme, sicilian cannolo, and their desserts.
Closed on Tuesday.
Tel. +39 049 656852

“Biasetto” bar and bakery, Facciolati street, num. 12
Their pastries are probably the best in town, and their salted snacks are delicious as well. It was awarded by the Gambero Rosso guide as “bar of the year” from 1998 to 2007 and its owner won the “Patisserie World Cup” in 1997.
Closed on monday.
Tel. +39 049 630171

“Carlotta” bar and bakery take away San Francesco street, num. 44
in this bakery you can find all sort of sandwiches, pastries, focaccias and mini pizzas, ready to be taken away.
Closed on sunday.
Tel. +39 049 8752284

“Antenore” restaurant, San Francesco street, num. 28
They serve regional and fresh products in a warm and welcoming environment that reminds of the classic, local shops opened in 1970. Their great food can also be ordered from home or taken away. You can see the kitchen from the tables.
Closed on sunday.
Tel. +39 049 655134

Close to Sant’Antonio Basilica

“Friso” gelateria – Ice cream shop, Cesarotti street, num. 29
High quality, handmade ice cream; vast choice of flavours. We recommend the Nutella ice cream and ice cream with fresh fruit.
Always open from March to October (from 2 PM to 12 AM)
Tel. +39 049 661531

“Angolo Divino” pizzeria, Cesarotti street, num. 15
Fresh, modern and welcoming environment; great food and great pizzas especially. Vast choice of wines from Friuli.
Closed on tuesday.
Tel. +39 049 8784079

“Del Paccagnella” restaurant, Del Santo street, num. 13
Dishes typical of our region: sea bass, mushrooms with Asiago cheese, pasta with sausage and asparagus, bigoli with “drunk” chicken sauce, rabbit meat, pumpkin flowers, chicken salad, and their desserts.
Closed on monday and sunday afternoon.
Tel. +39 049 8750549

“Pago Pago” pizzeria and restaurant, Galileo Galilei street, num. 59 Delicious pizza made with fresh ingredients only. Appetisers are great as well. Home made bread.
Closed on Thuesday ( July – August closed on Saturday and opened on Thuesday )
Tel. +39 049 665558

“Al Grottino” restaurant – pizzeria, Del Santo street, num. 23
Typical venetian dishes and pizzas in a small but warm environment. Friendly staff. We recommend lasagne with ragù, tagliatelle with peas, liver, and fish.
Closed on Wednesday.
Tel. +39 049 664176

“Al Borgo” pizzeria, Luca Belludi street,num. 56
Thin and crunchy pizzas in a wonderful environment. Great desserts. We recommend the chicken salad, salads, and a white chocolate and mint semifreddo.
Closed on tuesday.
Tel. +39 049 8758857

“Pollodoro” fry shop, Luca Belludi street, num. 34
Fresh and local food, ready to take away. They also organise buffets.
Closed on tuesday and on sunday afternoon.
Tel. +39 049 663718

“Al Fagiano” restaurant, Via Antonio Locatelli, num. 45
Fast service and great food; their cooked salame with polenta is exceptional, as well as their pasta with goose ragù. We also recommend their fish based dishes. They also have a nice internal garden.
Closed on monday and sunday evening.
Tel. +39 049 652913

“Al bersagliere” restaurant, Donatello street, num. 6
Great and unique food: pasta with anchovies sauce, polenta with pancetta and mushrooms, pork and potatoes and a fantastic cake with chocolate, pears and ricotta.
Closed on Wednesday.
Tel. +39 049 8766242

Close to Prato della Valle

L’arte del busto, Belludi street, num. 7
A very old and famous corset shop: they also sell bras, socks and tank tops.
Closed on Sunday and Monday morning.
Tel. +39 049 8765128

“Preti” general store, Prato della Valle, num. 26
In this old shop you can buy various spices, sweets, handmade soap and perfumes. It still has the original sign.
Open everyday.
Tel. +39 049 8750970

Box Caffé, Prato della Valle, num 12
A nice cafè, perfect for both lunch and quick breaks. It also sells pastries and sweets. We recommend eggs with porcini, fried gnocchi, and rabbit with pistachios.
Open everyday.
Tel. +39 049 5916852

È Gelato, ice cream shop, Prato della Valle
A tiny but well known ice cream booth.

“Orsucci” pizzeria, Vittorio Emanuele street, num. 18
One of the most famous pizzerias in town; they serve take away pizza. The pizza is still served in the traditional oiled paper.
Closed on Thursday – open from 5 PM to 12 AM.
Tel. +39 049 8759313

“Zairo” restaurant, Prato della Valle, num. 51
This restaurant was built on an ancient amphitheatre, whose bricks were used to rebuild the nearby Saint Giustina church and Rialto bridge in Venice. It’s a very big and well furnished place; it’s particularly nice to sit under the porch during summer.
Local cuisine and pizza; great fish based dishes.
Closed on monday.
Tel. +39 049 663803

Other famous buildings and shops :

“Pedrocchi” cafè, VIII Febbraio street, num. 15
built in 1826, it’s the oldest cafè in Padua and it was called “the cafè with no doors”, since it was open 24/7. The furniture and the frescos are original. They serve a special coffee, made with mint, in which you shouldn’t add any sugar.
Open everyday.
Tel. +39 049 8781231

Dalla Zita, Gorizia street, num. 12
It is said to be “the House of the sandwich”: you can choose between more than 200 kinds of sandwiches. Their pork sandwich, however, it’s the most famous and preferred, often ordered with a glass of wine.
Closed on monday.
Tel. +39 049 654992

La folperia, Piazza della Frutta
a well known stall close to Palazzo della Ragione serving street food: fish of all kinds and octopus are what they cook. The buisness is run by two siblings (Max and Barbara), but it was started by their father more than fourty years ago. This place is said to be “The Champion of Street Food in Veneto”.
Open everyday from 10 am to 8 pm.
Tel. +39 347 5701232

“Bar degli Osei”, bar Piazza della Frutta num. 1
great bar, perfect for quick snacks in a wonderful environment; during summer is recommended to sit in Piazza della Frutta. Great sandwiches with pork or mortadella. Prosecco and Spritz are highly recommended.
Close on sunday.
Tel. +39 049 8759606

Graziati Bakery, Piazza della Frutta num. 40
It’s one of the oldest bakery in the town: it’s been open since 1919. They have a wide range of sweets and desserts, such as “pazientina”, “millefoglie”, “Petit Four” cake, and “Torta Suprema”. You can also sit inside and enjoy their home made finger food.
Open everyday.
Tel. +39 049 8751014

  • Casa del Parmigiano (cheese shop)
  • “Ai due catini d’oro” general store and rare spices, Piazza della Frutta
  • “Valesio Eugenio” knife shop, Via Gorizia 8
  • “Lane nuove” wool shop, via Roma 21
  • “Casa del Cuoio” shoe shop, Eremitani street, 25
  • “Prosdocimi” stationery shop, Piazzetta Pedrocchi, 10-13

We have various flyers in our hotel if you’re interested in food to be delivered. If you’re allergic to gluten, lactose or yeast, we suggest going to “Al Carmine” pizzeria (piazza petrarca 8): they make -on request- gluten free pizza, pizza with rice, integral or kamut flour, or lactose free pizza. They also make other gluten free dishes.