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The revolution in Padua is called "Night Bus"

13 Feb

Night Bus in Padua

The revolution in Padua is called “Night Bus”

“Night  Bus “is a public bus service on reservation at a cost of € 1.50 per person per ride, through the use of the “Night Bus” app, which you can download free on your iPhone, Smartphone.

Designed to move freely with the bus to Padua, active every day in the municipal area with the following times :

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 21:00 to 24:00

– Friday and Saturday from 21:00 to 3:00 the next day

The “call” service, serves urban stops with a route that optimizes the needs of passengers who have requested it.

To access the service through the app, you indicate the departure and destination stop, the desired departure or arrival time and the number of passengers.

At the time of booking, the Night Bus platform checks timetables, availability of buses and seats and immediately provides information on waiting times, departure stops and bus numbers.

Confirmed the booking the trip is guaranteed. Through the app you can monitor the trip from 30 minutes before departure (the app sends a reminder 20 minutes before), you can save your favorite trips and at the end of the trip, you can express a review about the service.

The trip can be booked from one week to 5 minutes before the desired departure time. You can book the same trip for several days and up to a maximum of 12 people.

The payment of the service is done in cash on board and soon it will be possible to do it also with a credit card through the app.

In this last case, when you get on board, you must show the ticket already purchased with app and communicate your nickname to the driver, who verifies the correctness of the reservation.

You can change or cancel any trip at no additional cost up to 15 minutes before departure. Failure to cancel means a penalty for any subsequent trips.

Service active from 19 January to 30 September 2019

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