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Tartini 2020 - Padua 250th Anniversary

16 Dec

Tartini 2020 – Padua 250° Anniversary

Hotel Eden is located in via Cesare Battisti a few steps from the Church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria (Santa Patrona of the University of Padua), which preserves the mortal remains of the famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini and his wife.

In 2018 Sergio Durante’s book entitled “Tartini, Padova, l’Europa” (Sillabe – publishing house) was published. A book aimed at both the enthusiast and the musicologist who unites popularization and research, placing Piran in a key role in the musical history of the West: it is no coincidence that Giuseppe Tartini was acclaimed in life as the “first violin of Europe” and “greatest composer” of his time. A title that still belongs to him today.

The figure of Tartini is the protagonist of the “Tartini 2020” project, also on the occasion of its 250th Anniversary, which is characterized by its protracted medium-long term action and aims to connect different fields: research, publishing, entertainment, school , tourism.

The project therefore involves a large number of stakeholders who propose an identity objective: the Tartini as one of the emblems of Paduan cultural life able to place the city in the local, national and international attention.

The theme ‘Tartini’ should also be connected to the context of the musical Enlightenment, which establishes a relationship with the invention of the piano by Bartolomeo Cristofori, in 2020 in Padua will be held for the occasion the International Congress “Tartini and musical culture Enlightenment “.

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Guided visits to the city have already begun in 2018, in the places that have characterized his activity as a musician but also as a man, and which will surely be repeated.

The visits also include listening to musical auditions entrusted to young violinists presenting pieces by the great violinist.

These initiatives are aimed not only at researchers, but also at the general public of music and culture enthusiasts.

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Two curiosities cover the figure of the violinist with a certain curiosity:

– Tartini arrived in Padua from his native country, Istria, in 1710 to study law, but soon became tired of the discipline and fell in love with a young woman who gave violin lessons, Elisabetta, who decided to marry secretly arousing the ire of the parents and none other than the then bishop of Padua, Giorgio Cornaro, relative of the new bride. The escapade was finally forgiven and Tartini became the first violin with the title of “capo-concerto”.

– it is said, among the legends that have an eighteenth-century flavor, of “The ghost of the violinist” in the Church of Santa Caterina. After his wife preceded him in the tomb, the remains of the violinist Tartini disappeared from the burial and several inhabitants of the area said they saw, in the night, a female figure, dancing on the notes of a melody, who a male figure, intent on playing passionately the violin. (Source: “The tour of Padua in 501 places” Padua Today)

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