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Villa dei Vescovi

10 Aug

Villa dei Vescovi

Villa dei Vescovi

Among the green of a Venetian countryside remained intact, stands on a hill of the Euganean Hills Villa dei Vescovi in Luvigliano Terme (30 minutes from Padua city), an important monument in the panorama of Venetian villas, which introduces in this land the taste for classicism and Roman renaissance echoes, thus anticipating the aesthetics of Palladio.

The conception of the work was entrusted in the early 1500s to the nobleman Alvise Cornaro by the Bishop of Padua, who here identified the location for an intellectual circle gathered around the value of the landscape and its role of stimulus towards reflections and elevated thoughts, indispensable elements for govern well. Designed on these ideals by the Veronese architect Falconetto with a rigidly geometrical conception, the Villa was the object of successive interventions by Giulio Romano and presents itself as a refined experiment of humanist culture in which architecture, art and landscape play with each other in continuous visual references in spaces of the loggias and terraces to realize human well-being.

The interior of the villa, divided into the noble floor in the Hall of the old figures, Sala del Putto, Sala da Pranzo (or Apollo and Orfeo) and private rooms of the bishop, was frescoed in the years 1542-1543 by the Flemish painter (active in Venice) Lambert Sustris, with the advice of the aforementioned Giulio Romano. Only a part of the suggestive wall decorations – depicting mythological subjects, rural landscapes and ancient buildings in ruins – has been saved by the heavy tampering with the interior spaces decided by Bishop Giustiniani in the eighteenth century.

Villa dei Vescovi was used during the Second World War as a place of refuge for displaced people and in the post-war period it hosted spiritual retreats and training activities. It remained the property of the Curia Padovana until 1962, when it was sold to Vittorio and Giuliana Olcese: they were given a first restoration of the interiors as early as the 1960s. In 2005 Villa dei Vescovi was donated to the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) by Maria Teresa Valoti Olcese.

Approaching the Villa, a stretch of vineyards gives way to the green geometries of the brolo, then the beauty of the real landscape returns to mirror itself in the idealized landscapes of the lodges. The original vocation of place capable of inspiring and elevating the spirit still survives today: the invitation is indeed to enjoy Villa dei Vescovi taking the time to spend a day of creative leisure or to stay in his guesthouse, enjoying the benefits of his a soothing atmosphere and food and wine products, thanks to the presence of a wine shop.

Villa Party Days: April 25th at Villa Vescovi di Luvigliano di Torreglia on April 25th 2018 Events in Padua
“Games for children, special visits for adults and entertainment for children, picnics with baby-friendly menus and delicious surprises for adults will be at the center of the” Days of Party “in the summer at Villa dei Vescovi, Bene del FAI – Italian Environment Fund.
On Wednesday 25th April, Tuesday 1st May, Saturday 2nd June and mid-August visitors will experience moments of leisure, joy and serenity surrounded by the beauty of the early sixteenth century residence on the Euganean Hills, built for the summer stay of the Paduan bishops.

On each of these dates the children will be able to walk and discover the villa taking part in visits to the theme of ancient Rome and the Renaissance, while in the afternoon they will have fun with games and workshops in the open air.

  • On April 25th in the afternoon “Erbario Fantastico” is scheduled, an illustration workshop curated by Bas Bleu Illustration and illustrator Roberta Zago;
  • May Day a fun orienteering activity in the park of the villa;
  • Saturday 2 June a kite creation workshop;
  • for mid-August an afternoon of games once.

During these days special guided tours are planned for adults, who from time to time will address particular thematic focuses, including: nature and the park surrounding the house, the villa and the Renaissance, Romanity in architecture and in the identity of Villa dei Vescovi.

At lunchtime, the villa’s cafeteria offers, as usual, a delicious picnic basket to enjoy in the park, with local and seasonal dishes accompanied by wine from the Euganean Hills.

Timetables and rates

Visit Villa and historic gardens

Individuals and Groups

From April to October

From Wednesday to Saturday 10.00-18.00

Sunday 10.00-19.00


Adults: 11 euros + 2 euros guided tour
Reduced (children 4-14 years): 4 euros + 4 euros workshop and animated visit
FAI members: free + 2 euros guided tour + 4 euro workshop
Family (2 adults + 2 children): 25 euros + the relative contributions for the services provided

Villa Party Days: 25 April at Villa Vescovi di Luvigliano di Torreglia on 25 April 2018 Events by FAI

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