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In Codevigo, in the Valle Millecampi, all the charm of the lagoon

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In Codevigo, in the Valle Millecampi, all the charm of the lagoon

Many ignore that the province of Padua reaches the sea, and instead Codevigo, in the southeastern part of the province, reaches the Adriatic, a sea that mixes with the water of the many rivers that here in the Venetian lagoon, creating this area the Valle Millecampi.

The Valle Millecampi is a very particular area, in its waters find an ideal habitat for many animal species, both sea fishes, which survive in brackish water, which numerous species of poultry that make the area suitable for bird watching, practice more and more in vogue also because here you can see the pink flamingos as they make a stop along their journey of migration to Sardinia.

The beach of the Boschettona in Codevigo

Leaving Codevigo and plunging into the outskirts of its fields, we slowly approach the coastal part of its territory, an area that does not turn to the open sea, but which is located inside the lagoon, the same on which Venice faces north and Chioggia more South.

In this area once invaded by the swamp, the lands were torn from the sea with fatigue, creating channels and drainage systems that could save the land as much as possible to make it cultivable.

The area that remains between the fields and the lagoon, although sandy, has always been rather difficult to practice, until, thanks to an enhancement project, no piers have been made and part of the sandy area has emerged from which a beach has emerged. today very famous among the inhabitants of the place.

Moving on dirt roads you get to the Casoni di Nuova Costruzione, clearly modern buildings that have very sloping roofs, oval and made with bundles of branches that make them very special. Inside the space is divided into several habitable floors and the entire complex, currently not used, is intended to host events and events the area is excellent for crops (among which excel the radicchio and white asparagus of Conche di Codevigo), but also the breeding of excellent products, including cheeses and dairy products.


n this place were once the fishermen’s boats and on the grass were spread the nets to dry, some images that portray this place as it was once seen in photograph at the casoni, in them is the Casone delle Sacche the filming of ‘The wife of the priest’, a film that saw him as a film set in which they played Loren and Mastroianni. (Gianluca Sgaggero)

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