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Padua and its province by bicycle

6 Mar

Padua and its province by bicycle

The city of Padua has a network of bike paths among the largest in Italy: well 162 km! These allow you to access the city through the main radial arteries and make it possible to improve travel even in the historic center and in the province (the most populated in Veneto).

In addition to the network of urban cycle paths, tourists can use the banks of the canals that have been equipped with adjacent cycle paths, equipped with lighting, security, signage and walkways for river crossings. Not all city streets are conducive to travel, but the whole province is well connected with over 75 itineraries: from the Ring of the Euganean Hills, to the Ostiglia (Treviso-Padua), around the walled cities (Monselice-Este-Montagnana) , in the Lower Po Valley (Villas and Fortresses) etc.

Urban and suburban routes, along the canals that border the city and its province. Itineraries that allow you to appreciate its artistic-cultural-historical beauties, mostly little traffic that cross the Po Valley. Other routes, on the other hand, need suitable mountain bikes to reach the Euganean Hills or the river ring that reaches the lagoon, with sections from the dirt or pebbled ground.

Itineraries that combine not only the visit of tourist attractions but also stops in the numerous food and wine companies to taste the typical products, with unique and authentic flavors.

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