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The Schivanoia waterfall

10 Ago

The Schivanoia waterfall

The Schivanoia waterfall

The Euganean Hills Park offers as many as 16 itineraries within its territory; for all lovers of trekking and walking surrounded by greenery, it is possible to enter the area through more or less impervious paths. Each route will allow you to get in harmony with the atmospheres of nature 365 days a year. Today we discover a beautiful walk that reaches the Schivanoia waterfall.

Near Castelnuovo di Teolo (40 minutes from Padua) there is a small waterfall immersed in the woods; it is a very suggestive and very unique naturalistic site in the Euganean Hills area. The waterfall is known as the waterfall Schivanoia, from the toponym that identifies the place where in the fifteenth century the rich family of Capodilista owned extensive land properties and a holiday home (in the past the term schivanoia indicated places of leisure in the countryside).

A layer of wire * has given rise to a small waterfall, where the sound of the flow that winds through the woods, water and fresh air create a very unusual environment. The wire, much more resistant to erosion than the stratifications that surround it, has not been eroded by the water that flows along the Calto Contea, so there was a fall at the foot of the volcanic rock and then the separation of the blocks shaped of prism along the vertical fractures of the housing. In the past the water jump has been exploited to operate a mill of which some perimeter walls remain today.

How to get to Calto County
To reach the Schivanoia waterfall, follow the road that leads from Castelnuovo to Teolo, at the third bend on the left you enter a chestnut wood, proceed downhill along a meadow and follow the path from which you begin to guess the presence of a flow.

How to reach the Schivanoia waterfall
In the road that leads from Teolo to Castelnuovo, at the third bend to the right begins the Sentiero per la Cascatella Schivanoia.
– We find the information panel of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills with the indication “Castegneto Schivanoia” from which the path begins.
– We follow the road for about 300 meters, until you find a fork (where there is currently an arrow with signs) where we take the right.
– We go straight ahead, until another route bifurcation (there are no directions) where we keep the left.
– We go straight on a large lawn.
– The path continues to our right, on the edge of the lawn.
– We continue straight, following the path inside the vegetation for about 10-15 minutes.
– We arrived in Schivanoia.

To get down to the stream you have to take the small path that you see on the right and after some hairpin bends you get to the ruins of the mill from which you can enjoy all the beauty of the Cascatella dei Colli Euganei.


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